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Sisters Point

We have gathered a large selection of fashionable clothes from Sisters Point for women and girls. Sisters Point is a Danish company headquartered in Aarhus, which is really good at creating modern styles for women and girls, at cheap prices. But even though they have cheap prices, it is without compromising on quality - their clothes are always in a high quality, where their material is carefully selected by their suppliers. The company has delivered the latest trends since their founding in 1994 and is still a forward-thinking brand that can compete with the very big brands in many areas. Their clothing is targeted at fashion-conscious girls and women aged 15-22, who have a passion for modern products and style. Their clothes can be used for both everyday and party, of which much of their clothes are very useful for several events.


The latest trends and tendencies

 Sisters Point understands the importance of being able to quickly deliver and follow the latest trends in the fashion world. In order for them to meet this need, it means that they must deliver the latest trends as quickly as they change, which is the challenge Sisters Point has faced and at the same time solved season after season. We are proud to offer them to our customers, as we know how important they are to always follow the latest trends and tendencies! If you have any specific wishes within different styles, we would also like to hear from you.

Sisters Point at BYIC

Sisters Point is a unique, brave and forward-thinking brand that continuously challenges the standards of pace and trends in the fashion world. That is why we at BYIC are really proud to be able to offer our customers a large selection of exciting styles from Sisters Point for girls and women that can be used for festive events and everyday life. Find, among other things, a large selection of Sisters Point Dresses, Sisters Point Pants, Sisters Point Sweaters, Sisters Point Tops and much more.

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