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Pieces is a Danish brand owned by Bestseller. It was established in 2003, and has since grown to 54 stores, 18 wholesale stores and in 15 online markets. We are very happy to be able to offer our customers clothes from Pieces.

Sustainable scandinavian fashion

Pieces care a lot about sustainability and that their clothes are sustainably produced and manufactured. Pieces has a firm goal of wanting to be a sustainable brand with an eye for fashion, and to be able to inspire independent, young individualists. Pieces have everything you need for the perfect set, whether it is for everyday or for party. They have trousers, skirts, blouses, tops, dresses, knits etc. In addition, they also have very basic clothing, such as neutral tops / undershirts, tights, etc. So take a look and find exactly what you need in your wardrobe!

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