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What is more satisfying than finding the perfect dress? Under the category ‘dresses’ we have gathered a selection of beautiful dresses of high quality at reasonable prices. We have dresses from the brands: Y.A.S, Vero Moda, Noisy MaySisters Point and BYIC. All manufacturers delivers high quality dresses at reasonable prices. Their selection is wide and we have put together a large selection of different  and beautiful dresses that can be styled according to desire and style. Go see for yourself and shop your next dress at BYIC.


Party dresses, everyday dresses and everything in between

Our selection of dresses consists of different models and colors, which are especially suitable for festive occasions. The dresses can not only be used for festive occasions - you can also find the summer dress for the warm evenings or the more formal dress. Whether you are looking for the perfect white dress, or a little black party dress for the weekend, you will find lots of variants and different styles. Our many dresses can be styled so that your personal touch is expressed, which we absolutely love. Check out our selection and let your inner stylist go free when choosing your outfit.


The perfect dress

You can definitely find a dress that will suit your taste on this page, as there is a large and wide range. So when you are looking for summer dresses, party dresses, student dresses and everything in between, you can shop safely at - we always strive to have the best selection at reasonable prices.

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